One day, pieces of street art begin to appear around the area. Carl, a young artist, scans the QR code on one of them with his phone.

He finds out about the collaboration between Freya, a local artist, and Mark, a local homeless man to create an art piece that is being exhibited nearby.

The next day, Carl sees the same street art piece and some artists volunteering for a local soup kitchen as part of a project called E8plus. He joins.

He meets Kevin, a homeless man; they start sharing their life experiences and Carl produces an art piece from their discussions.

This project aims to connect the disengaged artists and homeless people of Hackney E8 through art.

Designers and artists in the area are mostly oblivious to the large numbers of homeless people living in the community.

Hackney local visits the exhibition and discovers all the stories of the participants and the places where they met.A silent auction also takes place to raise money for the soup kitchen.

A mixed environment of artists and homeless people foster insightful conversations about Hackney. Residents are more sensitive towards homelessness.

Hackney is now a more cohesive place.

luca ponticelli
luca ponticelli archive