Luca is a Communication Designer and Illustrator with a background in Psychology.

He is interested in conceiving visual systems that truly reflect users’ needs through

brand design, research stimulus, storyboard and video storytelling.


In 2014 he graduates from MA Narrative Environments in Central Saint Martins – an experimental course injecting storytelling into spaces. Through City Branding and Placemaking projects between Asia and Europe, he deepened his interest in the urban realm as a contested space, which led him to develop an award-winning thesis bridging homelessness and art in East London.


He briefly worked in Paris (PUIG) and Barcelona where he applied his raw and disobedient aesthetic taken from the language of political activism to the luxury industry. Conceiving and developing 'Storytelling kits' including copywriting, patterns, packaging and branding assets for brands such as Prada, Paco Rabanne and Gaultier.


While running his own studio he focused on crafting stories and branding assets for small brands, helping them define their DNA through collaborative workshops including methods at the intersection between Design Thinking and the work of The Situationist International such as Dérive and Détournement. Clients included the fields of fragrances, architecture, digital and consumer products.


He currently works at IDEO London as a Communication Designer.


Fields of expertise:

Art Direction, Illustration, Graphic Design, Branding: purpose, values + expression,

Communication Design for spaces, Typography, Design Research, Design Thinking.






I am Luca Domenico Ponticelli, Communication and Service Designer based in London. 


I conceptualize, design and curate visual identities on paper and space. Recent Master graduate in Narrative Environments at Central Saint Martins - London, my approach lies between design thinking and making, part of this generates from my studies of Psychology of Communication and Marketing (BA) and Graphic Design in Rome. 


Inspired by graphic arts, subcultures and design, I am interested in how these fields reflects our times: How can we create a conversation on social issues through the design of visuals and spaces?


I am always open to discuss new collaborations, if you'd like drop me a line at:













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